I Believe in Freedom of Choice

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  1. I agree with Diane’s answer to the question of whether parents have a “right” to demand money for their “private” school when the public has an alternate system of education supported by public money. However, I find this to be a rather simplistic response to a much more complex question. The real question Diane should address is: “What is the best system of education for the American public to support with their tax dollars?” I argue that the legal limitations placed on government run schools (First Amendment restrictions) over the past century so hamper their ability to address the human and philosophic issues that underly a good public education that we must look outside the “common school model” and establish a new public education model that would better support the public good. I believe those who believe public education dollars should be used in more diverse schools are on the track for the future. See my post on this topic: http://www.saceschools.org/blog/files/education-models-and-the-public-good.php

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