Below is an update from the Texas Senate. It contains the low-lights of Senate Bill 893 that will destroy teachers and education as we know it. The idea of teacher’s salaries bases on the following:  ” required annual evaluations of classroom teachers and would rate teachers by discipline standards, student success, and the teacher’s efforts to improve professionally.”

(AUSTIN) — Prospective teachers would have a more rigorous path to the classroom and stronger continuing education under a pair of bills passed by the Senate Tuesday. Forty percent of Texas public school teachers are certified under the alternative certification program, where people who have college degrees but didn’t study education can learn how to become classroom teachers. Under current law, a candidate for alternative certification need only have a 2.5 grade point average and 15 hours of classroom training to get into a teacher preparation program. Amarillo Senator Kel Seliger thinks those standards need to be higher. “We need ever better, more motivated teachers,” he said.

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