Katy, Texas, School Board Votes to Eliminate High-Stakes Tests

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6 Responses to Katy, Texas, School Board Votes to Eliminate High-Stakes Tests

  1. Dianna says:

    It is frustrating to me as a Katy ISD parent that this resolution is “a dramatic step.” No, Katy ISD passed a resolution in 2012 about over testing, and 3 years later they have done nothing but add tests to the kids. A 7th grader this year took 9 DLAs (District Level Assessments – they were “secure tests,” made up by Katy ISD from previous STAAR tests, they were not viewable by parents unless they made an appointment by the school -and counted against the children grades 5 and up.) This was a government entity trying to look like they were doing something for a bunch of unhappy parents before a board of trustee election in May.

    • drext727 says:

      I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, until the power from above makes a change, then nothing will change. The only true leverage that parent have is to “opt-out”. If every parent doesn’t say, “no more” then nothing will change. Parents must get the ear of their state representative and wear it out until things change. Yet we keep electing anti-education leaders like Lieutenant Dan, who has his priorities so messed up.

      • Dianna says:

        I am thinking on the opt out option (especially for my 3rd grader because his campus does not allow the students to do anything but stare at a wall when finished with the test – no reading, drawing or even sleeping). Pearson is currently taking over our education system and all we are doing is teaching our kids how to take tests. This resolution is a typical government response – a pat on the head for the upset parents but will do nothing. Our superintendent, Mr. Frailey, is the president of TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) and he is part of the problem -but a bigger one is our BOT that is supposed to be his boss – not the other way around.

  2. drext727 says:

    The idea of not letting the kids read, write, or draw after the test is part of test security directions. As for the sleeping that is a campus-level decision. As a teacher, it is painful for me to be in a room with a group of kids for 5 hours with not mental stimulation, just “active monitoring”. I can not read email, book, newspaper or anything else. No cell phone or computer, just staring at the walls. …UGH!

    • Dianna says:

      🙂 I could not do it as an adult – but the state does allow reading – I can find the link if you would like – my principal knows that but says decisions can be made by each individual campus. My son’s school is only one I know of that does not allow it. My junior high kids read (well to be honest – one reads the other sleeps)

  3. Dianna says:

    Not sure you want an attachment – please delete if not following proper protocol. Thank you for your blog

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