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Save Texas Schools – Action Alert!

Contact your state senator TODAY:

Today, the Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing on proposals to grant $2.2 billion in tax cuts and exemptions to businesses from the franchise (margins) tax. This tax is a key source of funding for the Foundation School program-the primary mechanism for funding Texas’ public schools.

A judge has already twice declared Texas’ public education funding system to be inadequate and inequitable, and our students continue to suffer under the unrestored school funding cuts of 2011.

Save Texas Schools believes that a well-educated workforce provides the best long-term support for Texas businesses, not short-sighted tax cuts that undermine student success. But we need your voice to get this message through to senate leaders.

Please call or email your state senator TODAY with the message to put Texas students ahead of short-sighted tax cuts.

Find your senator at the “Who Represents Me” link here:


Then use your own words or cut and paste in the message below.

Many thanks for your ongoing support of Texas schools and students!

Save Texas Schools

“Dear Senator:

As a Texas voter, I want you to know that our state’s public schools are extremely important to me, my family and my community. That’s why I’m urging you to put public education ahead of any proposed tax cuts, especially cuts to the franchise tax that is a key source of school funding.

In addition, I urge you to:

• Restore all funding cuts made by the 2011 Legislature, including funds to address student enrollment growth and inflation.

• Support community-based solutions to improve our public schools

• Limit overuse and misuse of standardized testing

• Make outstanding public education a top priority for Texas!

A state district judge has already twice ruled our current school finance system to be inequitable and inadequate. Please do not make over 5 million Texas students wait at the courthouse door for another two years while appeals are played out.

Our children will not get these years back. Please act today to restore all school funding to pre-2011 levels, including student enrollment growth and inflation.

Texas students are our future, and their education is the most important public investment we can make. I hope you will agree with me by supporting these critical measures for Texas schools and families. I look forward to your response.


Your Name

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