Charters (Buicks) are Good Because They are Charters (Cars): DUH!

I like the analogy. I wish our state leader would seriously stop wasting times trying to implement this type of program. Fix what we have.

Cloaking Inequity

Does this sentence make sense? Just because I call it an car (charter school), it has high reliability and quality in build. Are all cars (charter schools) awesome because I call them automobiles (charters)!? Or is a car (charter schools) awesome because it hangs out with other cars in the same sentences (charter schools)?

I am paying attention to which automobiles are actually desirable this month because I need to replace my Chevrolet Volt. Consumer Reports came out this week with their list of 10 Top Picks of 2015.  For the first time in many years, American automakers had three entries on the Consumer Reports top ten list. This news makes me happy as the grandson of two American autoworkers, I of course want to buy an American automobile. A big surprise on the list was the Buick Regal. There is no question that some cars (charter schools) perform better than others. Is that…

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