BATS: We Object to Harmful Testing

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3 Responses to BATS: We Object to Harmful Testing

  1. I have been involved in special education for 50 years and have always used tests that are reliable and valid. These tests are experimental and have no proven validity or reliability. The teachers are describing today what is happening and I call it malpractice . We need to have some responses from the medical community, from the psychiatrists and psychologists. The schools have become isolated and even the principal will say “we don’t need that medical report from the neurologist because we can only do educational things in this school” and she is protecting her school budget by saying this. If you look at the report that came out this week from Sandy Hook you will also see there is a major effort /response needed and the schools cannot do everything zone without the resources.

  2. one useful report from Boston Children’s Hospital is from the psychiatry department (Deborah Waber, M.D.) and she reports how tests are being used in the city of Boston and offers some recommendations (her ideas differ greatly from the flawed educational policy being pushed by Arne Duncan .

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