Ira Shor: When Do Kids Count?

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  1. “Teachers count only if their students count. To count in this society, kids have to come from affluent families; the teachers of those affluent kids are paid more and generally treated better.

    Even though that may be the case in many Title I Schools, I question if it is typical . There appears to be an increase of “smother” mothers and “bullying” fathers throughout all socio economic levels as a result of overall social insecurity and social unpredictability that does not discriminate. Do statistics show that we have as many suicides, addictions, codependent, and self punishing behaviors in children of wealthy as poor?

    It appears that the whole of society has taken on the same dysfunctional dynamics that usually prevail in families with alcoholism and workaholism. Have we all become products of workaholism that is typical of ACoA & Dysfunctional Families and now is perpetuated that in our schools?

    My opinion is that our unrealistic demands for performance and developmentally inappropriate expectations for children, both in home and school environments, is leading to overall dysfunction, with Common Core a “symptom” of the overall dysfunction in society. The rigid inflexibility of CCSS is a clue to the disorder of its creators.

    When adults function in chronic stress they become more self absorbed and authoritarian, with greater need for control of their external environment. Their ability for empathy declines. When teachers or parents did not learn the skills to validate children, the children cannot develop a strong sense of self or authentic identity. The children will model the behavior of their dominate caregivers. Without children being able to make emotional attachments to their caregivers (parents & teachers) who are authoritarian (threatening), critical, and unpredictable, they will feel isolated and become more self absorbed and socially and emotionally detached. A critical authoritarian school or home environment that hyper focuses on performance and causes children chronic fear of making mistakes or displeasing their caregivers, and chronic feelings of “never fully measuring up”, is a cause of Borderline behaviors. Neglecting to provide an environment of social and emotional support that children need, while forcing them to function in a rigid, boring environment with performance demands that are unrealistic, will cause them to develop self punishing behaviors and codependency. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are being observed to increase from chronic stress from the punitive environment of CCSS.

    Texas has always had a history of “bullying” politics since it is a reflection of a few very wealthy people (historically oil and cattle barons) controlling the state government. Texas “good ole boy” politics has perpetuated a patriarchal culture for a long time, with Narcissism being so obvious here. Instead of diminishing, it has increased, not only in the state, but now the nation. As I have observed before, uber Narcissism is contagious, you get it from the 1%.

    • drext727 says:

      I can’t argue with a word you have written. You’re correct.

      Our society is all about “entitlement”. It used to be entitlement based on money, now it is just entitlement for the sake of entitlement.

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