If I Were a Potted Plant

If I were a potted plant, then I would have one of two types of caretakers:

  1. Active Caretaker
  2. Passive Caretaker

An active caretaker would tend to me frequently by providing me with the needed water, nutrients and sunlight. When the time was right they would transplant me to a bigger pot that would allow me to grow to my greatest potential. They may have to move me to several larger and larger pots.


A passive caretaker would put me in the corner; water me once in a while and rarely set me where there is any sunlight. I would soon outgrow my current pot but my passive caretaker would not move me to a bigger pot. Soon I will begin to turn brown and then eventually die.


I use this analogy to compare the relationship between employees /supervisor or teachers/principals.

What kind of caretaker do you have or what kind of caretaker are you?

Are you willing to help your employees grow to their fullest potential?

 David R. Taylor

26 Year Teacher, Coach and Principal

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