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If I Were a Potted Plant

If I were a potted plant, then I would have one of two types of caretakers: Active Caretaker Passive Caretaker An active caretaker would tend to me frequently by providing me with the needed water, nutrients and sunlight. When the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on DCGEducator: Doing The Right Thing:
This past weeks ( 5/15/14) NYT magazine had a fascinating article on college dropouts by Paul Tough. However I raise the question, if it works in college why wait?  “There are thousands…

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Gary Rubinstein: Does Learning Math Make Students College-Ready?

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Gary Rubinstein, a math teacher, plays the role of the heretic and wonders whether students need more than 5th or 6th grade math unless they plan to be math majors. His answers: no,…

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Segregation not about Proximity, but Equity

Originally posted on academic freedom isn't free:
For several years, I have been showing Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later in both my introductory education course and an interim educational documentaries course at the selective private university where I teach. Two…

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