Let’s Pay Teachers by the Hour!!!

When you first look at it you may think I’ve lost my mind but, when you put a pen to the numbers it could be very beneficial to teachers.

Consider starting every teacher new (zero-years) at $20.00 per hour.

$20.00 per hour x 40 hours per week x 38 weeks equals a yearly income of $30,400.

 Comparison numbers:

            State Base                 $27,320

            Paid Hourly               $30,400

            Willis ISD                   $42,000

            New York PS              $45,530

            Dallas ISD                  $46,002

            Houston ISD               $46,805

If that same teacher was allowed to work 10 hours of overtime in a week, then that would be an additional $15,000 in earnings or a yearly earnings total of $45,400.

After 10 years, with a minimum 50 Cent raise every year, then the hourly rate would be $25 per hour. That means base earnings of $38,000 per year and potential of overtime pay (for 10 hours per week) increase yearly income by an additional $18,750 for a grand total of $56,750. The state base minimum for year ten would be $37,040. If teachers were paid by the hour, then there could be a $19,710 difference. That is huge.

After 20 years, $30.00 per hour, $45,600 in base earnings and an additional $22,500 for overtime earnings for a total of $68,100. Twenty year state base is $44,270

After 30 years, $35.00 per hour, $53,200 in base earnings, and an additional $26, 250 in overtime earnings for a total of $79,450. Since the State of Texas does not produce a salary scale for teachers with more than 20 years of experience then there is not a comparison figure.

 After writing all of the above, I began to think what a ridiculous idea. Why doesn’t the state just raise the State Base to $40,000 per year and a minimum of $1000 per year of experience for a Bachelor’s Degree, $1500 for a Master’s Degree, and $2000 per year for a Doctorate Degree.


                                    Bachelor’s                 Master’s                     Doctorate

            Year 0            $40,000                      $41,500                      $50,000

            Year 10          $50,000                      $55,000                      $60,000

            Year 20          $60,000                      $70,000                      $80,000

            Year 30          $70,000                      $85,000                      $100,000

The state also needs to step up and pay a greater portion of the health insurance. They have not increased their contribution to insurance premiums since the inception of the TRS-Active Care program. Readings based on the release of the 2013-2014 TRS-Active Care Premiums in May, 2013.

            Article 1                             Article 2

If teachers were paid more and treated with more respect, instead of them being the “whipping boy” for all that is wrong in our society then we would see a dramatic change in this country in all parts of our lives, especially our public schools.

Stop drinking the Kool-aid from the “Deformers” that says our schools are failing. They are only failing at performing on mindless standardized tests.

Something to think about!


David R. Taylor

26-Year Teacher, Coach and Principal

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