A Less Than Productive Week

It is December 20th, just five days from Christmas. Student’s minds are not focused on very much learning this week. They are ready for a break.

 It makes me think back a few years ago when districts actually had the right to set their own school calendars. They designed a calendar in which high schools could complete the first semester before going to Christmas break. This calendar allowed for finals to be given before the break. With finals to focus on, students were more likely to be present and have good behavior.

 It is time for the State of Texas to re-evaluate their school starting date law. Starting school on the last Monday of August is just too late in August. If they modified the law to allow for schools to start the week containing August 15th then there would be adequate time to complete the first semester of high school before the Christmas break.

 It is time to call your state representative and senators and encourage them to make the change for the betterment of all school, especially high schools.


David R. Taylor

26-Year Teacher, Coach, and Principal


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