How Do We Fund Public Education?

We fund it through election reform. Huh?  Do a little quick math, how many billions; maybe a trillion dollars are spent on election campaigns?

 The presidential election is about a two or two and a half year process. It is time to scale back the timelines to restrict the time allowed for campaigning; this will then reduce the cost. Instead of making the presidential campaign a long process you make it a short one.

 Here is how you do it:

  1. The first Tuesday of November is Election Day.
  2. 100 days prior each party must have then nominations determined. Then all campaigning may begin.
  3. 30 day prior to party nomination you conduct all primary elections.
  4. 30 days prior to the primaries is the first day in which a candidate my file for office.

Also to be included in this would be spending limits. According to the NY Times report for the 2012 Presidential Elections:





Barack Obama



Mitt Romney



 This means between just these two men, they spent almost 2 BILLION DOLLAR for an election campaign. If that number were a half or a fourth then there would be lots of money available to be spent on important needs, LIKE EDUCATION.

 I’m not sure exactly where the cap should be set at but if it were a fourth of what was spent, then it would be around $250 Million. If both men spent just $250 million then that would mean $1.5 BILLION dollars that could be spent on more important things.

 There is so much money spent, I mean wasted, on elections that it is time for a change.

  • Put limits on the spending amount
  • Put limits on the number and types of advertising spat that may be used.
    • Limit the number of television add
    • Limit the number of radio spots
    • Limit the number signs and posters that may be produced

 Too much time and money wasted. People are tired of it. It’s time for a change.


David R. Taylor

26-Year Teacher, Coach and Principal


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