Age 62 Required to Retire????

In most industries across the United States when a person has completed 30 years of service then they are entitle to “FULL” retirement benefits. Not a educator in the State of Texas if current proposals pass.

Currently there are bills in both the House and the Senate to raise the minimum age required to have full benefits upon retirement to age 62. The bills read that for each year below the age of 62 your pension would be cut 5%.


Best 5 year average of $50,000 with 30 years of service.

30 X 2.3 (multiplier) = 69

This person is entitled to a pension benefit of 69% of their best 5-year average or $34,500 per year.

If they were a late starter and waited until age 24 to start teaching, then they would meet their 30th year of service at age 54. That is 8 years below the proposed age 62.

8 years X 5% per year is 40% loss of their $34,500 per year pension.

A 40% loss equals a loss of $13800 during year one.

It leaves a retirement pension of $20,700 for year one.

Each year the loss will be reduced by $1725.

I don’t know many people that are willing to live on $21,000 a year and support a family. If the current proposal passes then educators will be required to remain for 38-40 years depending on the age in which they began teaching. When you compare that with the benefits of our state leaders that are only required to serve 3 terms or 6 years to receive life time benefits, it is very out of balance. Their retirement is based upon $125,000 a year state judge.

It seems that every law that is proposed is designed to harm public schools. If we have bad benefits then it will keep good teacher from being a part of the system. If we give them extra work then they will quit. If we make the standards unobtainable, then we can say schools are a failure. If schools are failure, then we can privatize them and make money.

Where does it stop?

David R. Taylor

25 Year Teacher, Coach, and Principal

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2 Responses to Age 62 Required to Retire????

  1. I retired after 29 years just before my 59th birthday. I would have had about 35 years as an educator /coach / elementary teacher / Special Education teacher, all levels / history teacher, all levels and physical education teacher, all levels, had I not spent time getting a M.Ed, more certifications and working in construction for a few years when it paid much more than teaching. Someone that starts teaching at 22 or 23 would be required to teach for 39 or 40 years. This is a very bad idea. I couldn’t survive without T.R.S. Care and my Teacher Retirement because of the offset by Social Security. I had enough quarters to qualify for a fair supplement from Social Security however I was penalized by more than 2/3rds when I applied at 62 which my age group can do. My website is named Red Dirt & Sand.

    • drext727 says:

      Our state leaders need some adjustment in their priorities. If they don’t start putting education and those associated with it higher on the priority list then they will continually damage the educational process for 5 million students in the state. As for the SS penalty, that also needs to be fixed. If a person earned all their quarters legally then they should receive full benefits, not be penalized because they are an educator from Texas.

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