Do You Just Want a Uniform?

During the early days of my career, while I was still coaching, I would sit around the coach’s office with the other coaches and solve many problems of world.

Many of those conversations revolved around the team and its players. One of the most intriguing questions that was asked was “does he want to play or is he happy just to get a uniform”? To those of us that are very competitive it seemed like a funny question. The reality of it is that there are not only players that are just happy to have a uniform but adults that are “just happy to have a uniform”.

When I talk about adults that are “happy to have a uniform” I am going to talk today about educators. There are lots educators that are happy to have a job, but no desire to make a true difference in the profession. They don’t want to do anything to make it better, but just happy to have a job. They may do a great job with their students as the profession caves in around them.

Are you an educator that “just has a uniform” or do you want to get in the game and make a difference? There is a big, big, big, game going on right now and most educators are standing on the sideline looking pretty in their clean uniforms.

The game that we have been thrown into is high stakes testing, accountability, inadequate funding, and funding equities. How many classroom teachers are paying for supplies out of their own pocket or begging students to buy them and bring them to school. This is a funding issue and it applies to you. Has your salary been frozen for several years, then this applies to you. Do your medical insurance benefits continue to become more expensive, higher co-pays and premiums? Has you class-load reached an unmanageable level, 180,190, 200+ students?

Are you sure that you “just want a uniform”? I don’t just want a uniform, I want to play and make a difference. Until enough educators become fed up with the current way of doing business in the State of Texas, then nothing will change.

It is time to get you uniform dirty. The first step is to vote. Vote for politicians that want education to be better. Vote out anyone currently in office that helped created the 5.4 billion dollar cut in education.

The following song should be every educator’s theme song.

We’re Not Gonna Take it Any More by Twisted Sister

David R. Taylor

25 Year Teacher, Coach, and Principal

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